I went to Dr. Claar’s office with knee and back pain. I had problems with walking and standing for a long period of time. Even going to the grocery store was painful for me. I told him I was tired of sitting on the sideline watching friends and family doing things I couldn’t do anymore, so he put me on his weight loss and pain relief program. After being on his program for 4 months, I have lost 30 pounds and I’m walking and standing for long periods. I’m even enjoying shopping again. I can’t wait till spring and summer to do my gardening and lawn work. Lindsey and Megan are wonderful and the doctors are so nice and understanding to work with. It was a wonderful time. I’m very thankful to Dr. Claar. I’m telling all my friends and family, if you have pain or need to lose weight go see Dr. Claar. He certainly changed my life for the better!

-Mamie M.

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When I first started coming to the Shenandoah Clinic, I had severe tension headaches, carpal tunnel, and lower back pain. I was taking tension pill 2-3 times a day for weeks at a time. I would wake up several times during the night with numbing in both hands. I had come to the conclusion that my lower back pain would be with me forever! My medicine cabinet was my best friend.
After my second adjustment, I realized that I had only taken my tension headache medicine twice that week. After the third adjustment I never had to double check to make sure it was with me.
I still get an occasional numbness in my hands, but it no longer wakes me with pain.
There is such a difference in the way my lower back feels. The low back pain is almost non-existent and no more sciatica pain. I can take short or long trips without dreading the ride. I have more freedom of movement than I had ever dreamed possible.
I would happily recommend Shenandoah Clinic and the wonderful staff to anyone wanting to feel 100% better!
-Alice R

When I arrived at the Shenandoah Clinic, I was experiencing severe back pain and pain down my right leg. I was off from work and could not get around without assistance from my family. I had already been to the doctor and a surgeon. They had me on a bunch of painkillers and I was facing surgery. I was getting ready to go through the same nightmare of surgery and an extended recovery period that I experienced in 1998.

Thanks to the great care of the Shenandoah Clinic, none of this was necessary. I am now backing to work. I am free of all pain. I am taking no medicines, and I did not have to go through surgery. Thanks to the doctors and all of the staff at the Shenandoah Clinic. You all are the best!
-Robert L

I ruptured a disc in my spine on August 10, 2008, while playing with my nieces, nephews, and some friend’s children at a park on a sliding board made out of black plastic, corrugated pipe. When this happened, I could not stand up straight. I went to my family physician, and he referred me to a neurosurgeon who gave me two choices. My choices were three epidural injections and surgery. The neurosurgeon stated that we would start with the epidural injections, which I did. The injections did more harm then good. After a couple weeks’ time, the effectiveness wore off, and I was right back where I started from. Also, they were masking my pain so I was continually doing more injury to my back since I did not feel I was in pain because of the injection’s effects. I work on a line at a local manufacturing company, and 95% of the time, I am standing, lifting, stooping, and bending on concrete floors to perform my job duties. By the end of my shift, I could not straighten up. I would lean to the right to avoid the pain, so I was standing crooked. My leaning was so severe, that my wife called me the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”. I also completed two sessions of physical therapy with two different providers. The first session helped very little, and the second session resulted in me learning some strengthening and posture techniques which were helpful. My brother-in-law had injured his back, and his uncle who is also a patient, brought him in to the Shenandoah Clinic. I witnessed the progress that he made over a couple of months time. With the help of the clinic and, my condition has improved greatly. My level of pain has dropped and I have fewer days that I am plagued with pain. Thank you Shenandoah Clinic for improving my quality of life, sparing me from surgery, and showing me techniques to increase my strength and decrease my pain.
-H.W. W Jr

“After going through 3 operations for my spinal stenosis, I was told another one was needed to get rid of the numbness in my shoulders and arms. Since beginning treatment, the numbness and pain has not returned in my neck and shoulders. Treatment for my low back has limited my pain to being primarily in the mornings upon waking. I am in far better shape now since having been treated with decompression.”
Jimmy R

“When I started coming to the clinic I was in pain all the time do to several car accidents compounded by my fibromyalgia. The pain seriously limited my daily activities not to mention my outlook on life. I had been getting lumbar steroid injections every few months. I stopped taking daily meds to relieve pain about 1 month after starting treatment. I also haven’t needed any more steroid injections since starting care. I had been led to believe that my back would only get worse due to my degenerative disc disease and arthritis-Wrong! The clinic has helped improve my quality of life tremendously. I can now enjoy life again.”
-Lori H

“When I first came to the clinic, I was having migraines and taking pain medication almost every day. Since then, my migraines happen very rarely and I don’t need to take medication every day. The pain in my shoulders and numbness in my fingers is completely gone! I’m so happy I came here. It’s nice to have a doctor really care about your health and well being. Thank you so much!”
-Randi C

“I have gone to many doctors and hoped my migraines would be a thing of the past. Extreme pain and many days in bed, created a decision to seek new treatment. Seriously, I am personally amazed at my own general health improvement since I started treatment. Very much less to nearly no headache, a nerve issue in my right leg is slowly decreasing in intensity, not so much fatigue, and maybe a little more energy. Every treatment is making a difference in my total rehabilitation to better and continuing good health.”
-Dawn M

In late October 2008, I fell out of my van when my foot slipped on ice and I hit my back on the floorboard as I went down. Then in November 2008, I fell in the garage when my foot slipped off the step and I fell and hit my back. I was in a hurry to take my husband to the hospital for surgery so I completely dismissed the fall. The next few days my back started to hurt and it continued to get worse.

One morning when getting out of bed, I couldn’t straighten up without excruciating pain in my back. My right leg was throbbing and was numb from the knee to the ankle. I went to the doctor three times to get help and was put on several medicines but nothing relieved the pain. Finally the doctor ordered a MRI; diagnosis: degenerative disc disease (osteoarthritis) in lumbar of spine. Next was an injection in my spine in December to relieve the pain even though I knew it was temporary. I was off work for a month dealing with this back condition.

I started coming to the Shenandoah Clinic in late March, 2009. I have been to chiropractors for many years and felt it was a good way to keep the spine in alignment so I didn’t need to be convinced it would work. With the new technology of treatments, the doctors encouragement and true interest in wanting to see me get better and the caring staff, I can now say I am finally free of pain as of June 2009. I haven’t had any more injections and have not been on any medicines or drugs since I started coming here. Boy, does this make me smile! I have been gardening and something as simple as walking up and down steps without pain.

I want to thank Shenandoah Clinic for caring and I am very grateful to God for his grace and compassion in helping me through this trial in my life.
-Jane H

“I have had three surgeries to repair broken disks #4 and #5 as well as sciatic nerve damage caused by a car accident. I received some relief from the surgeries and returned to work. The sciatic nerve pain returned and I had difficulty walking, standing or sleeping without pain. I began treatment at The Shenandoah Clinic and I no longer have sciatic nerve pain. I continue to visit the clinic on a monthly basis. I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done.”
-Naomi B

“I am a 54 year old registered nurse with over 30 years experience in the field, and have worked in facilities ranging from Johns Hopkins Hospital to Medical Doctors Offices. I also spent 10 years as a volunteer paramedic. With my background, I was taught proper lifting procedures and did the best I could to take care of my body. Despite all of that, my lower back had been painful for years and was getting worse. Eventually I could no longer effectively perform my duties at work and was forced to resign. I even had to resort to sleeping in a recliner for 5 years because I could not lie down in bed. The numerous daily medications gave me little to no relief. Imagine my surprise when after only two weeks of treatment, the pain began to subside and I was feeling better in general. The Doctors and staff at The Shenandoah Clinic are truly interested in improving lives, and since being under their care I am developing an interest in life outside my apartment once again.
-Lynne Brookes, R.N.

“Fibromyalgia and Arthritis had kept me in constant pain. My neck and shoulders were so painful that I was unable to fully turn my head while driving and I was unable to lift my hands above my head. I had been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was losing the use of my hand. After approximately three months of treatment at The Shenandoah Clinic I am almost pain free. I discovered I did not have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had actually been suffering from nerve constriction in my Upper Cervical Spine due to a misalignment. I am feeling much better both emotionally and physically thanks to their care.
-Joan S

I came to The Shenandoah Clinic about two months ago with chronic headaches. I was taking up to six Ibuprofen a day and I was tired of feeling groggy, spacey and weary all day long. Since I’ve been under his care, I have not exceeded three Advil on my worst days, which are much fewer and farther between.
-Kim L

“After 5 months of ineffective treatment for my Fibromyalgia by my GP and Rheumatologist, I came to The Shenandoah Clinic. The were the first to take x-rays, which showed the cause. Now the back muscle spasms that made breathing painful-GONE! The terrible headaches that caused blurred vision, dizziness, and nausea-GONE! And the daily ringing in my ears is almost completely gone. Thank you for giving me my life back.
-Mona R

I was suffering from frequent headaches and had migraines weekly or monthly for five years. I had been told by one physician to expect headaches with my injuries, another prescribed medications to treat the symptoms. The Shenandoah Clinic searched for the exact cause of my headaches. Since receiving treatment I no longer have several headaches a week and the migraines have decreased in severity as well. At The Shenandoah Clinic your condition will be taken seriously and the process will be explained fully.
-Connie T

I have suffered with chronic headaches, some migraines and neck tightness for fifteen to twenty years. I have tried other chiropractors, muscle relaxants and nerve medications in the past. Since visiting the clinic, I now have very few headaches. Dr. Claar and his staff are kind, interested and concerned.
-Ann K

When I first sought treatment at the Shenandoah Clinic I had headaches all the time and could not turn my head without pain in my neck. After the very first adjustment on my neck, I could turn my head. It was Amazing! I no longer have constant headaches and turning my head is a lot easier. I am now able to resume a more normal life!
-Susan H

About 10 years ago I was told I had fibromyalgia. I have been in pain ever since. I was told by doctors that there was nothing they could do for me. I was also told that it would get worse and I would be in a wheelchair when I got older. I couldn’t play with my granddaughter or hold my grandson because I just hurt to bad.

Then one day I heard this radio advertisement for The Shenandoah Clinic. So I called for an appointment. I’ve had one week of treatment and I can not tell you how good it feels not to be in pain anymore, I know I’ve got a long way to go but everyday I don’t have pain is a miracle to me. I owe my life to The Shenandoah Clinic.
-Barbara D

My symptoms began in 2000-2001. I have arthritis in my ankle and neck problems. Since I came to Shenandoah Clinic, I have a lot more movement in my neck and ankle, and I have a lot less pain everywhere else. Since coming here the unexpected benefit is all of the improvements that they do. Before coming to Shenandoah Clinic, I took pain medicine. I can tell all my family and friends how much better I feel. My family can see the difference in the way that I move. I was referred to this office by a friend that was also helped by Shenandoah Clinic

Coming to the Shenandoah Clinic has been a very positive experience for me and has definitely made an improvement in my day to day life. The warm and inviting way I was welcomed into the clinic and the sincere care, concern, and patience I received and continue to receive was a comforting and refreshing start to my chiropractor care.
I have a physically demanding job that always left me so tired and achy and it would take me several days to feel better. Also zapping my energy and knowing how bad I’d feel after working was very discouraging. I work weekends and after working I’d spend the better part of the week trying to get back to feeling normal only to start over the weekend.
For the past several years my pain and stiffness from my neck to my hips has steadily gotten worse to the point where I started having spasms in my hips so bad I could barely move. That’s what prompted me to seek chiropractic care. I was tired of feeling so miserable and the pain medicine and muscle relaxers I had been given from my family doctor weren’t helping. They would make me so drowsy that I couldn’t even take them when I needed to. Finding out what was causing my pain with an exam and X-Rays was a big relief. Surprisingly, my job wasn’t causing my pain but rather the misalignments in my spine causing pressure on the nerves to different areas, and also the beginning signs of Osteoarthritis in my neck were creating the pain I was having. Therefore, because of the shape of my spine was already in wear and tear over the years, I was not able to perform my job without pain. It just brought out the symptoms of my underlying problem. Right away I was hopeful I could be helped.
It’s amazing how removing the source of the problem can bring wonderful results. That’s what I’ve had and I am eternally grateful. On one of my first visits I was in rough shape after working like always with neck pain, mid and lower back pain and also pain and stiffness in my hips. I didn’t expect any real changes in how I felt. There were different areas to work on and adjust and The Doctor had said it may take some time to get me straightened out. Well, I was amazed at how quick there were results because I can honestly say I haven’t had one pain filled weekend at work since! Not one spasm in my hips either. I’ve seen the changes and improvements on X-Rays but they don’t compare to the way I feel and I can work with more mobility and much more energy, not to mention the changes in everyday life. This has changed my outlook on my overall health to one of optimism that it will continue to be better. I am confident that continued chiropractor care will not prevent me from getting back in the shape I was in. I was a bit skeptical about the chiropractor field of medicine but thanks to the very dedicated and the skilled way the staff performs chiropractic care, I have every faith and proof that it works with amazingly healing results.
-Joyce D

I visited The Shenandoah Clinic every week during last year’s baseball season and never felt better. They helped my knee, back and shoulder. They definitely helped me keep healthy throughout the long season. I recommend any athlete to see The Doctors at The Shenandoah Clinic if they are serious about staying healthy and playing at their best performance. I play baseball at JMU.
-Rob A

I suffered with bronchitis for years. Now my lungs feel clear and I’m not wheezing at night. Also, I had “Bell’s Palsy” 13 years ago that left me with a slightly droopy eyelid. After several treatments it is much improved. Thank God for healing through chiropractic care.

I came to the Shenandoah Clinic because of severe pain in my neck and body. My pain was so severe that I couldn’t lie down and couldn’t sleep. With the clinics help over a period of 3 months, the pain has gone to practically zero. I had tried everything that I could think of but with no success. Praise the Lord and by the Grace of God, He used the doctors and their staff to help me be pain free. I have Parkinson’s but I don’t have to deal with the pain that these other problems were causing. I can ever walk better than I did before. I can sleep much better. I am very thankful,
David K

I have had migraines since I was about 8 years old. At first they were only occasional, but over the years they came more frequently; once a month at least. Then I started getting them every week. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. I went to the doctor repeatedly trying to find something to help. He tried all sort of medicines; nothing worked without causing allergic reactions or making me exhausted and sleepy all the time. So when I got a migraine, I would take enough pills to put me to sleep and let it run its course. Then lots of times after the pain was over I’d be confused and spacey and not remember anything that happened before or during the migraines. Then, one of my friends told me, “You need to go to the Shenandoah Clinic.” So, thanks to her, I did. After my first adjustments, my migraines dropped to only once a month. By two months, I was completely off of medication and for the last six weeks I’ve been headache and migraine free! I want to thank everyone at the Shenandoah Clinic! It’s almost a miracle not waking up and thinking, “what if I get a migraine today?” So, thank you again and keep up the great work!
-Katie K

When a friend told me about her good experience at Shenandoah Clinic, it gave me a glimmer of hope. For many years, I had been dealing with severe pain in my right leg and lower back due to spinal stenosis. Walking and standing was exceedingly painful.
I went down many paths looking for relief-medication, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, epidural injections, and even back surgery. While the surgery did bring relief for several years, I was ultimately dealing with severe pain again.
With some reluctance, but hoping this might be the answer to relieve the pain, I agreed to a year-long program of treatments at Shenandoah Clinic which included “spinal decompression”. The perseverance and patience needed to keep on track with the program and continue to the end has been well worth the effort.
Today I enjoy a greatly improved degree of comfort and flexibility. I have appreciated the doctors skill, encouragement, and confidence through the entire process. I don’t believe that this 87-year-old body will ever be free of all limitations, but I do give thanks to God who blessed me with the welcome relief I now enjoy.
-Elizabeth G

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